Like almost every state in the country, Utah requires minimum liability car insurance for drivers. However, if you’ve had a history of traffic accidents, speeding tickets or driving under the influence, you may have a hard time finding an insurance company that will cover you at an affordable price. Many insurance companies avoid high-risk drivers because they are more likely to cost the company money.

What is a High-Risk Driver?

High-risk drivers have a higher likelihood of filing a claim on their car, which costs their insurance company more money than other policyholders. This makes it hard for anyone with a less than perfect driving record to find affordable insurance in Salt Lake City.

There are several reasons why an auto insurance carrier might consider you a high risk driver. Those labeled high-risk often have previous convictions, speeding tickets or a long record of accidents. If you’ve had a DUI or DWI, you’re likely considered a high risk driver. Some companies consider, young, elderly or newly licensed drivers high-risk as well.

The good news is there are ways to lower your insurance costs. If you’re labeled a high-risk driver, taking a defensive driving course or trading in your car for a safer model may lower the premiums for your insurance. Additionally, safe driving for three years without an incident can also restore your status as a regular driver. Most importantly, never drive under the influence of alcohol, substances, distraction or drowsiness to avoid accidents.

Insurance Quotes Salt Lake

For high-risk drivers, a couple accidents or a poor decision may affect the way you drive for the rest of your life. Insurance Quotes Salt Lake believes that everyone deserves a chance to enjoy the road. Get a quote today to get closer to affordable high-risk car insurance. Insurance Quotes Salt Lake connects you with insurance professionals across the Wasatch Front area so you can get a head start on finding the right policy for you.