Renting a house gives you all the perks of having a home where you want without having the aggravation of fixing issues that come with owning a home. However, there are a few potential risks that go alongside renting your home.

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While the landlord is liable for providing homeowners insurance for the building being rented, you still need to secure your possessions. In the case that your personal property is stolen, vandalized or damaged by a fire or flood, renters insurance qualifies you for reimbursement. Apartment renters insurance also helps you in the event that your landlord doesn’t keep the property up to code and the property becomes run-down. If you have children or animals, renters insurance is a great idea because it covers any damage they make in the house.

Due to its various benefits, the majority of landlords need their tenants to have renters insurance, so it’s an excellent idea to buy it prior to moving in. In the event you leave your rental, most renters insurance policies come with you if you move. Find a quote on apartment renters insurance now!

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Salt Lake City is an excellent city to rent a home. With the University of Utah nearby, the LDS headquarters downtown and lots of new businesses opening up, renting will be widespread in Salt Lake City. Get the best renters insurance policy today with competitive quotes from some of the top companies in renters insurance. Find out the average cost of renters insurance in Salt Lake City here.