Why Renters’ Insurance?

Why Get Renters' Insurance?

For a service that often costs under $20 a month, you would think more than 40 percent of tenants would have renters’ insurance. While some might think of renters’ insurance as an extra bill to worry about, it is actually a cheap way to protect your belongings and family from expensive unforeseen circumstances.

Most insurance policies protect you from a number of natural threats such as fires, storms, hail, and non-natural threats like explosions, riots, vandalism and theft. Without it, a disaster can become incredibly expensive for both parties.

In cases such as fire or theft in your rental, your landlord is not obligated to pay for your personal losses, leaving you to pick up the slack after a disaster. Renters’ insurance is a great way to cover the gaps in your landlord’s policy and your own.


Renters’ insurance is a great way to protect your possessions, visitors and family who live in your rental. In cases of disasters like fires, floods, storms or theft, renters’ insurance provides you with a reimbursement to replace what you’ve lost. Additionally, these policies keep visitors to your property safe. For example, if a delivery person injures themselves or a pet bites a guest on your rental property your policy can cover their medical expenses and protect you in the case of a lawsuit. Without it, you’re paying out of pocket for potentially expensive situations.

Get Renters’ Insurance Today

There’s a lot to like about renting a home. You don’t have to pay for repairs and it makes moving much easier. Whether you’re new to renting or just moved to the area, Insurance Quotes Salt Lake can connect you to the perfect renters’ insurance policy for you.